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This page is for IPSC Australia’s Regional Director (Gareth Graham) to publish information of interest to our sport and its members in Australia.

Expression of Interest – Far East Asia Handgun Championship

IPSC Australia Production Optics Rules

IPSC Australia Membership – 2017/18

IPSCA Membership Portal

As of 1 July 2017 new membership or renewal of membership to IPSC Australia is now processed via a central Membership Portal administered by IPSC Australia. New and renewing members are now able to access the newly developed Membership Portal on the IPSC Australia website to submit their membership/renewal application and respective membership fees.

The Membership Portal has been developed to streamline the membership renewal processing and to ensure a high level of security regarding member’s personal information.

As the process is very new, I ask that any queries that you may have are directed in the first instance to the Membership Officer via email membership@ipsc.org.au  These queries can then be forwarded/addressed by either the Membership Officer or by the developers as need be.

PDF versions of each of the membership forms; New/Renewal and Club are available for download from the Membership Portal on the IPSC Australia website. Address and account details are included on the forms, however we strongly urge that you use the Membership Portal. Any payments made via Direct Deposit must be accompanied by the respective receipt so as to allow for confirmation of payment and cross referencing to the member.

The system is aiming to remove the need for forms, their double handling and subsequent delay in the processing of membership cards.

Miscellaneous Notes

Primary / Family and Additional members – The Primary and each additional member attached to a Primary Member will each receive an IPSC Australia renewal notice. However, only the Primary Member’s notice will have the membership fees and payment details. The additional member is required to renew their membership online as per the renewal notice but is not required to submit payment. Payment is solely attached to the Primary Member.

Please note, membership cards will not be processed until payment has been received for each Additional member attached to the Primary Member. Any changes in circumstances should be forwarded to membership@ipsc.org.au

Clubs Club Delegates or Secretaries are strongly urged to re-affiliate their clubs via the new Membership Portal as soon as possible. Remember, membership cards are not processed until a member’s Club has affiliated to IPSC Australia.

Age Based Membership Fees – For renewing members whose membership fee is age based, their age is calculated at the start of the membership year, i.e. 1 July 2017.

–  Junior                                    –       Born on 1 July 1998 or later
–  Concession                           –       Born before 1 July 1952 or earlier
–  Student under 25 years     –       Born on 1 July 1992 or later

For new members, aged based membership fees are based on their age at date of joining.

Students – to qualify as a student, a member must be under 25 and dependent on the Primary Member, studying and using the same/at the same address as the Primary Member.

Pro rata fees
Pro rata discount applies to new members only. Members re-joining after a lapse in membership do not qualify for the discount.

Discount applies to each member but the Family Cap only applies if the whole family joins after 1 January. There is no pro rata discount for Clubs.


Regional Director
IPSC Australia